Girls Rock Camp Alliance

Regional Conferences & Events

As an international organization with member camps all over the world, GRCA is also conscious of the importance of regional networking and therefore strives to foster communication and connection between camps that are geographically close to one another. We encourage and support those regional relationships and possiblities to network and share experiences on a local level. While the GRCA conference provides the opportunity for people to come together from various parts of the world and often gather regionally for the first time, regional conferences and similar events should enhance those relationships.

GRCA Europe Conferences

In June 2012 organizers from Sweden, Germany, Austria, Norway, Iceland and France got together in Stockholm and found the European Committee, a sub-committee of the departement of Membership of the GRCA. The aim was to create a platform for collaboration, meetings and exchange for camp organizers in Europe, as a complement to the Annual Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference, with the emphasis on supporting the growth of new camps in and around Europe.
Since 2013, the European Committee has organized two conferences – more to read on that Previous Regional Conferences and Events.

If you’d like to get involved or receive more information, please send an email to: