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The Girls Rock Camp Alliance is an international coalition of organizations whose shared mission is to empower girls and women using the tools of music education to foster self-esteem and confidence. Becoming a GRCA member aligns your program with a network of organizations that share similar values and goals.

The GRCA is not a franchise organization, or an organization that has one model for Girls Rock Camps.

All of our members have started their camps independently, and all function somewhat differently. Currently, we are not an umbrella 501c3 for individual camps. The GRCA is led and shaped entirely by its members. There are currently 43 full members organizations.

Member Benefits

Benefits of joining GRCA include networking, curriculum sharing, training, camper referrals, and the opportunity to participate at the GRCA’s annual conference. This is a worldwide movement that brings together organizers from like-minded programs to share experiences and knowledge, and all members benefit from being in contact with one another. Being a full member of the GRCA also means you have a vote at the annual member meeting, can elect board members, set GRCA yearly priorities, and help shape the direction of the GRCA.  Our members are our greatest strength, and bring voices, ideas, and energy from all over the world.

  • VISIBILITY: Be part of the movement and have your camp pop up on our amazing GRCA world map.
  • GRCA TOOLKIT: Get access to a pool of resources (e.g. templates for programming, budgeting, international camp data, annual camp reports, conference documentation, etc…).
  • CONFERENCE: Attend the annual international conference with representatives from camps and like-minded programs from around the world (opportunities of leading workshops as well as participating).
  • NETWORKING: Take part in curriculum sharing, trainings, development assistance, exchange, regional assemblies, and working committees. You can also join the GRCA Facebook group and subscribe to the membership-newsletter.
  • MEDIA: Get access to free screening of the documentary Girls Rock! The Movie, girls rock camp compilations, audio & video recordings and pics within the GRCA Toolkit.

 Becoming A Member

  •  If you haven’t already, contact explaining a little bit about your organization, where you are located, and what programming you offer or plan to offer.
  • Fill out the GRCA Application here. We accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, and review all applications on a rolling basis. Please email your completed application as a Word document or PDF along with any supporting documents to You will receive an email notification that your application has been received.
    • Pay the application fee. There is a one-time $20 application fee for applying to the GRCA and can be paid below or by sending a check to: Girls Rock Camp Alliance,1867 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125
  • The GRCA board will review your application for membership. If the board has questions regarding your application, the Membership Director will contact you to follow up within a month of receiving your application.
  • You will be notified by email regarding the status of your application. If your application is approved, you will be given PENDING Membership status. If your application is NOT approved, the board will provide steps for your camp to take to achieve pending membership.  GRCA will provide an explanation and list of recommendations in order to be reconsidered for membership at a future time.

As a pending member you are invited to attend the GRCA annual conference and participate in online networking and resource sharing.

In order to achieve FULL membership status, you must also complete the following:

  • Attend the conference (note: Financial Aid is available!)
  • Hold girls rock camp programming or equivalent
  • Submit your annual member report to the GRCA

**Note: Do not be afraid of our annual report! We collect simple information from our members such as: how many campers did you serve this year? How many volunteers did you have at camp? What profit/loss did you make/not make this year? How many hired staff members do you have? Do you have after school programming? Etc. We collect this information in order to know what is happening with our members, and use this information to write grants and apply for funding that will directly impact the service and resources you receive from the GRCA. Receiving this information is vital to our organization. If you have difficulty filling out the annual report, a representative from the GRCA board will be available to assist you.

If you have questions about the application process, please email or call +1 (503) 459-8343

Membership Dues

The GRCA depends on membership dues to achieve our goals and support all of our members! Each camp pays yearly dues to belong to the GRCA and maintain good standing with the organization. Please note that no camp will be turned away because of inability to pay.

Membership dues for the next fiscal year are due at the conference. For instance, member dues for 2016 are due by the last day of the conference, April 3, 2016.  Below is the Membership dues matrix with suggested payments for your camp. Payment plans are available for monthly or quarterly payments.

Membership Fees Matrix
Yearly Revenue:  Suggested Membership Fee Range

  • $0-$24,999: $50-$100
  • $25,000 to $49,999: $100-150
  • $50,000 to $74,999: $150-$250
  • $75,000 to $99,999: $250-$350
  • $100,000 to $149,999: $350-$400
  • $150,000 to $199,999: $400-$450
  • $200,000 and up: $450-$600

For any questions or to set up a payment plan, please contact Kate at

Pay Membership Dues Now

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Member Commitments

We are a member-based and member-led organization, and we are only strong and effective if we have the involvement and investment of our members. We are committed to making participation in the GRCA as accessible and reasonable as possible for our members. We recognize that financial and geographical challenges are a reality for many of our members, and are dedicated to providing multiple ways to engage and communicate with the GRCA.

GRCA Members are committed to:

  • Communicating with the GRCA and other member camps (online, conference, etc)
  • Attending and participating in the annual conference if at all possible
  • Transparency of annual report, budget, and finances
  • The GRCA mission statement and core values
  • Sharing resources and collaboration
  • Acting in goodwill toward other GRCA member camps
  • Seeking or maintaining not-for-profit, nonprofit, or equivalent status (unless there is a specific and compelling reason why you cannot or do not want to seek status for your particular camp)
  • Act in accordance with the GRCA Mission and Values when encountering the media, and speak on the part of your individual camp and not the GRCA