Girls Rock Camp Alliance

Previous Conferences

2016 – Elmer, NJ

The 10th Annual Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference was held at Appel Farm in Elmer, NJ, USA, March 31- April 3, 2016 and hosted by Girls Rock Philly.
2016 Conference Program

2015 – Elmer, NJ

The 9th Annual Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference was held at Appel Farm in Elmer, NJ, USA, March 19-22, 2015 and hosted by Girls Rock Philly. The theme of the conference was Girls Rock: Home, Community, and Beyond.
2015 Conference Program

2014 – Elmer, NJ

The 2014 GRCA Conference took place in Elmer, NJ, USA, March 20-23, 2014. The theme was Intergenerational and International Movement Building and raised questions like: What does it mean to be a movement? How are we building together for larger social change- where are we in that process and how can we deepen that work? What does a successful intergenerational and international movement look like? sound like? feel like?
2014 Conference Program

2013 – Atlanta, GA

The 7th Annual Girls Rock Camp Alliance Conference was held in Atlanta, GA, USA, in March 21-24th 2013. 47 camps were represented from all over the world. The theme of the conference was Allyship & Visibility: What are the ways that we can act as allies toward one another, our youth, our camp mentors, and our communities? Who is most visible in our programs and at GRCA? Whose voices are heard more frequently and how do we support inclusion of more varied voices?
2013 Conference Program and Info

2012 – Durham, NC

The 2012 GRCA Conference was held in Durham, North Carolina with 109 attendees from 39 different camps in the U.S., Canada and Europe. The conference started with the Thursday board meeting, one of the few opportunities board and staff get to see each other as a group in person each year.  In the evening, we joined the local NC Camp volunteer and staff for a kick off party at the Casbah. On Friday morning, several gregarious bus drivers transported our excited crew to Haw River State Park, a beautiful conference facility in NC’s great outdoors.

2012 Workshop tracks included:

  • PLUGGING IN! Building Infrastructure I (featuring: Management & Decision-Making Structure 101)
  • TURNING ON! Building Infrastructure II (featuring: Make it Last: We started a Rock Camp, Now What?)
  • TURNING UP! Programming I (Basic) (featuring: How To Start a Rock Camp: OMGWTF?! Panel)
  • ROCKING OUT! Programming II (Advanced) (featuring: Amp Up Yr Workshops: Social Justice Curriculum)
  • GUIDING! (Mentorship and Volunteer Management) (featuring: Getting On Board: Orientation, Training & Volunteer Handbooks)
  • TRAILBLAZING! (Anti-oppression and Social Justice at Rock Camp) facilitated by AORTA: Anti-Oppression Resource & Training Alliance (featuring: Gender at Rock Camp: Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Gender Spectrum)

For the first time, we added Regional Camp Assemblies to the schedule in an effort to provide space for more localized networking for camps located in Europe, Southern US, and Canada. In addition, caucuses were scheduled and included a People of Color Caucus and Trans & Gender Non-Conforming People Caucus.

We also added a Tech Desk to help guide people through navigating online tools often utilized by GRCA, as well as accessing tech that would benefit their individual camp such as databases, social media, websites, donor management and more.
2012 Conference Program

2011 – Washington, DC

Girls Rock Camp organizers representing 33 camps attended our 5th annual GRCA conference in Washington, DC, in March 2011. Every year our conference grows and grows in camp numbers and attendance. We want to give a HUGE extra special shout out on the shout out wall to our membership and program directors Emmet and Kate, as well as our amazing hosts Girls Rock! DC. This is the conference where we officially decided we needed staff and we want to pay them! At this point, staff positions are still volunteer, which is a great reason in and of itself to donate!
2011 Conference Program

2010 – Bay Area, CA

The 4th annual GRCA conference was held in the Bay Area, California at the CYO Center, another beautiful outdoorsy location, in March 2010. We made a huge jump in participants as 26 camps sent 75 participants. The typical workshops and camaraderie took place throughout the weekend: karaoke, multiball, a sustainability track, and donated food and beverages including a too-carelessly opened peanut bag that caused quite a scare among certain attendees. This is also the conference where we unveiled the Track system we use today to categorize workshops according to various camp “ages” and needs.

GRCA 2010 Conference Photo

2009 – Austin, TX

We met in Wimberly, Texas, just outside of Austin, at 7a Ranch. It was awesome. 20 girls rock camps were represented from around the world. We invented the new game Multi-Ball!!! The steering committee formed several sub committees focused on fundraising and organizing the business of running a program such as the Girls Rock Camp Alliance. We realized at the 2008 conference that we needed to schedule a Thursday steering committee meeting (we didn’t have a board and staff yet) in order to take care of GRCA leadership business. Our newest pending members included Los Angeles, the Czech Republic, and Vancouver, BC.

2008 – Frost Valley, NY

36 organizers of all levels of experience and back ground in planning and running Girls Rock Camps converged in Frost Valley, New York in late March 2008. We more than doubled our affiliate organizations with 15 camps represented. The yearly retreat continued to be by and for the many incredible staff and volunteer leaders charged with starting and/or operating a non profit Girls Rock Camp. The girls rock camp movement truly began to take shape at this conference where time was sometimes painfully split between skill sharing in workshops and developing further the leadership and structure of GRCA as an organization. This year’s conference agenda included GRCA program development, plus structured skill sharing workshops such as Band Coaching 101, How to Start a Non Profit Rock Camp, Inclusive Training, and more.

This was a very exciting time as many new and old camps were looking forward to working together to make the Girls Rock Camp community stronger and fulfilling each of our programs’ missions.

2007 – Portland, OR

The first conference was held in Portland, Oregon, where Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, the first camp, was held in 2001. Participating camps included Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls (Portland, OR), Girls Rock! U.K. (London, U.K), Willie Mae Rock Camp (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Popkollo (Sweden), Girls Rock! Bay Area (Oakland, CA), Girls Rock! Philly (Philadelphia, PA) and Southern Girls Rock n’roll camp (Murfreesboro, TN). These became the founders of Girls Rock Camp Alliance.

The initial cost of the conference was $130 per person and included suggested topics such as:

  • Develop and form the Girls Rock Camp Alliance by creating systems of accountability via accreditation and a standard of value, a network for different organizations to share training, skills, curriculum, a sustainable organization that will serve the missions of its programs and the people who run them, and a structure and capacity building for the Alliance
  • Gather together organizers from girls rock camps, projects, and other programs designed to help develop self esteem and life skills in girls and young women
  • Discuss progressive models for girls esteem building
  • Training and skill sharing
  • Have fun!

We also voted unanimously in favor of the mission statement, statement of purpose, core values, and statement of diversity, which remain relatively unchanged to this day.