Girls Rock Camp Alliance

Applications to be a 2018 GRCA Conference Track Coordinator are now open!

The GRCA is excited to announce the opening of our Track Coordinator applications for 2018! We want to continue working toward a more collaborative and decentralized structure, where Track Coordinators will continue building capacity within the GRCA as well as support our work of being an organization more driven by people most directly affected by (intersectional) gender oppression. Also, recognizing the ecosystems that member camps are a part of, track coordinators will be able to draw on local resources for developing thoughtful, relevant and inspiring tracks and sessions. We need your help to continue growing this model of member leadership!

Track Coordinators will be responsible for developing a themed set of workshops and meet-ups to be presented at the 2018 GRCA Conference. Each track will be assigned 2 coordinators. Those interested in applying will propose a theme of their own, or express interest in a suggested GRCA theme. You do not need to represent a member camp to propose a track.

We encourage folks interested to seek out their own co-coordinator, but the GRCA Conference Committee can help pair folks, if needed. We will consider solo track coordinators on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions, please email the Track Coordinator Wranglers:

Apply to be a track coordinator at the GRCA conference 2018 here!