Girls Rock Camp Alliance

New Camp Cohort

Coordinated by Carrie Neumayer from Girls Rock Louisville, Kentucky, Sarah Reagan and Kerissa Bearce from Girls Rock Fort Worth, Texas

Track Description
The new camp track and cohort was started at the last conference by Track coordinators Candace Hansen and Marin to help new camp organizers with tangible resources to embark in the “starting a camp”journey. This track hopes to provide attendees not only with activities and guidance through their new camp experience, but also with a network of organizers that are going through the same process at the same time. This year’s coordinators for this track hopes to continue the 2016 cohort legacy and shape a series of sessions that are interactive and explanatory of the new camp experience.

Gear 101
What do all of these knobs do? Why are there SO MANY cables? Learn the basics of music gear (guitars, basses, amps, drums, and more!) and share what you know, too! Get hands and ears on experience setting up drums, hearing the difference between guitar pickups, setting up a distortion pedal, and more!
Led by: Hilary Jones is a feminist, musician, and non-profit/music gear nerd who values teaching, learning and social justice. Since 2009, Hilary has been the Executive Director of Girls Rock! Rhode Island, where she works with an amazing group of volunteers, board, and staff to help individuals empower themselves through music. She is also the co-chair of the Measurable Outcomes/Research Committee of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance. Hilary has taught Psychology and Women’s Studies courses at the University of Rhode Island, where she received her Ph.D. in Behavioral Science Psychology in 2008. She also spent time as Research & Education Specialist at Day One and as Intentional Injury Prevention Coordinator at the Rhode Island Department of Health, where she focused on sexual violence prevention. Hilary has played guitar and bass in bands since 1996 (and currently plays guitar in the band Whore Paint) and thinks that music is totally the funnest.

Ladies Rock Camp
Are you a new or young camp that wants to learn about starting Ladies Rock Camp programming? This workshop is for YOU! We could talk for hours about the power and importance of building up women through rock and roll, dancing and play! We will also share how creating a community of adults has benefited our organization: more volunteers and mentors, more donors, more fundraiser attendees, and more people spreading the word about our organization! Plus we will dive into how we structure our programming in order to ensure success of the participants.
Led by: Nora Allen-Wiles: As a former college intern for Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, OR and now the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Girls Rock Campaign Boston, I have been assisting and coordinating Ladies Rock Camp programming since 2007. I am a strong believer in the benefits and impact Ladies Rock programs can have on the participants and your organization so I am excited to work with other organizers to discuss the programming and power of Ladies Rock Camp! Co-presenters: Alison Murray is the Director of Gear and Operations for Girls Rock Campaign Boston, where she has volunteered since its inception in 2010. She is also a co-founder and former board member of Girls Rock! Chicago. She plays drums in the Boston band Shepherdess alongside bandmates and GRCBers Hilken Mancini and Emily Arkin. Alison is originally from Detroit, MI, has a strong affinity for electronic music, and is currently in an electronic music duo with Charlo Huffman. Alison also DJs in the Boston area as DJ Sit & Spin. For her day job, she is a Senior Information Security Specialist at UMass Boston. Erin King, Director of Internal Community Engagement at Girls Rock Campaign Boston, has worn many hats at Ladies Rock Camp Boston, including participant, volunteer, and organizer, since its inception in 2011. Stud Green from Girls Rock Campaign Boston

Everything you ever wanted to know about assemblies!

In this interactive workshop we will walk you through everything you ever wanted to know about assemblies. While participating in assembly activities participants will learn why assemblies are important, what skills and materials are needed to run awesome assemblies, and how to create assembly flow for week or weekend-long camps. You will also receive our digital “Assembly Bible” full of games, activities, and examples to take home and try.
Led By: Hilken Mancini co-fronted the band Fuzzy in the ‘90s and was signed to Atlantic Records. (currently in Rolling Stone as having written one of the top 50 songs of the 90’s). In 2000, she Co-founded Punk Rock Aerobics -the anti-exercise regime that created a fitness revolution -and released the book ”Punk Rock Aerobics: 75 Killer Moves, 50 Punk Classics, And 25 Reasons To Get Off Your Ass And Exercise” through Perseus and appeared in the New York Times, Newsweek, People Magazine, Rolling Stone and on Mtv and Vh1. After volunteering at the original Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls (PDX) she co-founded Girls Rock Campaign Boston and is currently the GRCB Program Director. She contributed to the Portland RnRcamp4Girls book ”Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls: How to Start a Band, Write Songs..” and plays guitar in two bands in Boston: Shepherdess and The Monsieurs released on Slovenly records. She owns a vintage clothing store in Boston called 40 South St. Charlotte (Charlo) Huffman is the Year Round Program Coordinator at Girls Rock Campaign Boston. After 8 years of teaching in public schools she went back to school and completed her thesis on creating an after-school model for GRCB programming. She is now turning that model into a reality, bringing GRCB into public schools. She plays mandolin as a singer/songwriter and is half of an electronic music duo with Alison Murray. Charlo is originally from northern Arizona, but has been kickin’ it in Boston for more than a decade.

Getting There Together: Strategic Planning for New Camps
This session is focused on how to walk through strategic planning techniques as a group to plan both programming and an organizational structure in a way that engages all the members. We will come up with goals together and then break them down into manageable objectives.
Led By: Mollie is the executive director of Girls Rock Columbia and has been a camp organizer since it began in 2013. All things rock camp set her heart fluttering.

I Am Rock Camp & So Are You
Changing the world is beautiful and exhausting work. Establishing a Rock Camp in your community requires both heart and mind. You can’t do it alone either! In this workshop, we will briefly discuss the “little” details a new camp might overlook such as scheduling, insurance, background checks, the camp space, the showcase, and more. We will also explore the importance of self-care and accountability. In addition, we will provide a safe space to share our dreams and fears and develop strategies for making the camp organizing experience a positive one.
Led By: Sarah Reagan is an empath, introvert, and Capricorn obsessed with the moon, the smell of books, and all things Harry Potter. When she’s not doing Rock Camp work (Ha!), she enjoys archery, getting silly with her 3 kids, and binge watching all the things. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Girls Rock Fort Worth in Texas. Co-presenter Kerissa Bearce is an educator and advocate for equity in schools. She teaches coding to elementary students and loves music, reading, and liking things unabashedly. She is the co-founder and Volunteer Coordinator of Girls Rock Fort Worth.

Instrument & Band Coaching 101
First year organizers will get hands-on experience with musical instruments and become more comfortable teaching instruments and coaching bands. Groups will participate in mini mock camp sessions, which will help them learn techniques of teaching from experienced camp instructors while helping non-musicians become more comfortable with instruments. There will be a mini lecture on band coaching FAQs and techniques, and then small groups will become a “band” and write a song or chant together so they will better understand the process of teamwork in a rock camp setting.
Led by: Carrie Neumayer is the co-founder and Executive Director of Girls Rock Louisville and is a musician, visual artist, and educator residing in Louisville, Kentucky. She has spent over two decades playing in bands and booking shows in her community. She also spent eight years as a certified art teacher in Louisville, where she taught in three different schools, and at all grade levels (K-12). Carrie is currently an instructor with the University of Louisville’s College of Education and the Women’s and Gender Studies Department. She plays guitar in the bands Second Story Man and Julie of the Wolves. Co-presenter: Meg Samples, Anne Gauthier from Girls Rock Louisville