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2017 Tracks and Sessions

Thank you for your interest in doing a workshop at the 2017 GRCA conference! We are excited to provide space and resources for you to share your knowledge and skills within our movement! In this page you will find useful information about tracks, logistics, contact information and the 2017 Workshop proposal form.

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We are proud to announce the 2017 tracks and track coordinators!

Growth and Transition
Coordinated by Mollie Williamson from Girls Rock Columbia, South Carolina

About Mollie
Mollie is the co-founder and the executive director of Girls Rock Columbia and has a BA in Women and Gender Studies and a Masters in Social Work. She has been doing community organizing work in Columbia for over a decade, and created the first Forensic Social Worker position at Public Defender’s office in Columbia to promote holistic justice for folks who come in contact with the legal system. She is currently a member of USC’s Women and Gender Studies Community Partnership Council and serves at the Youth Advisory Council chair on the State Coalition for Youth Empowerment and Access.

Track Description
The goal of the Growth and Transition track is to help existing camps create defined structure and operating procedures and foster a level of relational capacity that is necessary for working together, sharing power, and creating strategic action. Workshops in this track will focus on logistical concerns that growing camps often face in the hopes of building stable infrastructures that will help Girls Rock organizations more effectively expand and adapt to their communities’ needs.

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Radical Approaches to Music
Coordinated by Becky Gebhardt from Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles and Tanya Palit from Girls Rock Boston!

About Becky
Multi-instrumentalist and composer Becky Gebhardt is a member of the band Raining Jane. She plays the bass, sitar and guitar. Her most recent work includes co-writing, recording and world-touring with Jason Mraz, and composing the score for documentary short film Between You And Me by filmmaker Chase Joynt. Becky is also Co-Executive Director of the non-profit Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles.

About Tanya: Tanya Palit Husain is a volunteer and board member at Girls Rock Camp Boston. She is a singer, composer, punk band leader and multi-instrumentalist, with an interest in decolonizing rock n’ roll in theory and practice through experimenting with traditional South Asian forms of music. She’s a huge fan of any and all cetaceans.

Becky was born and raised in Los Angeles and went to UCLA where she majored in English and minored in music history. In 2005, Becky and her band mate Mona Tavakoli drove to Oregon to volunteer at Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls, Portland. Becky and Mona went on to Co-Found and Co-Direct Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles. Becky has a certificate in non-profit management from Loyola Marymount University, and is a member of ASCAP, and the American Federation of Musicians Local 47.

Track Description
The goal of this track is to broaden and challenge the ways that we think about and hear music, so we can continue to offer a radical approach to music in both abstract and tangible forms at camp. Themes may include: exploring musical roots and traditions from around the world, examining the role of music in social justice movements and political resistance, sharing music education tools, resources, and techniques, and making music through skill sharing, mini-lessons, and jamming.

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Youth Leadership in the Girls Rock! Movement
Coordinated by Sam Stahlmann from She Rock She Rock Twin Cities, Minnesota

About Sam
Sam Stahlmann is the Program Director of She Rock She Rock in the Twin Cities, MN. She started off as the first camper to ever sign up for Girls Rock n Roll Retreat in 2007 and was quickly promoted to intern as a guitar teacher, in addition to running songwriting, art class and media literacy at camp. In 2014, Sam became the organization’s, full time Program Director. She currently co-hosts the organization’s Punk Jams and oversees the youth advisory board. Sam plays guitar and bass in four bands, has a passion for playing in DIY spaces, and loves her fat cat, Ned.

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Track Description
The international girls rock movement is centered around empowering youth in our communities. All of our camps give youth a place to express themselves, let their voices be heard, learn new skills, be creative and create a sense of community. But, beyond attending our life-changing camps, what more can we do to get our campers in leadership positions in our organizations and communities? How can we help our current campers to become future board members, executive directors, community leaders, political leaders, etc? This track will be centered around getting youth in leadership positions at individual camps and organizations. Some topics this track hopes to explore are: Junior Counselors/Teen Volunteer Positions, Starting a Youth Board, Barriers of Participation for Youth Leaders, Talking Racial Justice with Youth, Supporting Youth Leadership, Creating Youth-Led/Organized Programming and more.

New Camp Track / New Camp Cohort
Coordinated by Carrie Neumayer from Girls Rock Louisville, Kentucky, Sarah Reagan and Kerissa Bearce from Girls Rock Fort Worth, Texas

About the Track Coordinators
Sarah Reagan is the Founder & Executive Director of Girls Rock Fort Worth. She was born in a small Southern Louisiana town and moved to Texas in the 5th grade. She has a Masters in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University. She has worked and volunteered with many nonprofits and youth groups and has always been passionate about empowering and supporting girls and women. Sarah was also the lead singer of Solo Sol in Fort Worth and loves to write lyrics. Besides her three kids, her favorite things are music, books and the moon.

Kerissa Bearce is Volunteer Coordinator for Girls Rock Fort Worth. After working in filmmaking in Las Vegas, Kerissa relocated to Austin, Texas and became a high school film teacher. After receiving her Masters in Education, she went back to her roots in Fort Worth to be an instructional coach and an advocate for equitable schools. Kerissa is into walking her dog, cross-stitching, reading, and liking things unabashedly.

Carrie Neumayer is the Director and co-founder of Girls Rock Louisville. She is also an illustrator, a teacher, and a musician.

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Track Description
The new camp track and cohort was started at the last conference by Track coordinators Candace Hansen and Marin to help new camp organizers with tangible resources to embark in the “starting a camp”journey. This track hopes to provide attendees not only with activities and guidance through their new camp experience, but also with a network of organizers that are going through the same process at the same time. This year’s coordinators for this track hopes to continue the 2016 cohort legacy and shape a series of sessions that are interactive and explanatory of the new camp experience.

The GRCA General Track
Coordinated by Mayra Cortez / GRCA Board

This track is designed to accommodate any session or meet up proposal that is unique in it’s kind thematically. The GRCA welcomes all topics that align with our mission and conference theme.

Political Education
Track Description courtesy of Laura Chow Reeve and Molly Fischer, 2016 track coordinators.
This track is currently seeking for a track coordinator(s).

We must resist co-optation by the oppressive systems of sexism, racism, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, classism, (and more) that we seek to dismantle by building unity in our foundations and clarifying our visions of collective liberation. This track is a place to share curriculum, i.e. those awesome social justice workshops you facilitate at your camp; your radical organizational models; the amazing movement organizing work you do in addition to Girls Rock; the successes and failures in your local movements and how they intersect with Rock Camp organizing; beginning and advanced allyship skills; strategies for and stories of collaborations, coalitions, and more.

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