Girls Rock Camp Alliance

The GRCA Conference

The Girls Rock Camp Alliance’s main program activity is the Annual GRCA Conference which is held each spring. The main purpose of the GRCA Conference is to provide a place for skill-building, resource-sharing, and community. In addition to this, GRCA is also invested in big picture movement-building. GRCA values the concept of localism – we encourage each member organization to offer programming that is rooted in and relevant to its local history, culture, and identity. Because of this, we strive to offer Conference sessions that inspire, motivate, and spark creativity, rather than teaching any one particular way of doing things.

The GRCA is proud to offer an abundance of opportunities for networking and concrete information-sharing at the conference, in addition to creating of space for exploring a philosophical and strategic approach to youth music/empowerment programs within conference sessions.

The 12th Annual GRCA Conference will be held in and around Philadelphia, PA USA, April 26 – 29, 2018.

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Past Conference Locations
2007 – Portland, OR USA
2008 – New York, NY USA
2009 – Austin, TX USA
2010 – San Francisco, CA USA
2011 – Washington, DC USA
2012 – Durham, NC USA
2013 – Atlanta, GA USA
2014 – Philadelphia, PA USA
2015 – Philadelphia, PA USA
2016 – Philadelphia, PA USA
2017 – Philadelphia, PA USA

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