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Open Call for Proposals // GRCA 2015

The theme of the 2015 GRCA Conference is Girls Rock: Home, Community, and Beyond. Read more about the theme below and then submit your proposal(s) here (where you’ll also find more information about conference content)!

Expanding upon last year’s focus on intergenerational and international movement building, this year’s conference theme seeks to explore the various and multiple geographies of Girls Rock as both movement and practice. This theme emerges from current conversations about regional networks, anti-oppression and intersectionality as well as a need to acknowledge the larger context in which the GRCA and its member camps exist – how do we strengthen our movement and the movements around us as well as deepen relationships and connections between camps in the alliance.

We recognize that not all workshops will directly answer questions raised here, but hope that facilitators will consider them in their proposals and in the substance of their workshops.

Questions include:

How might we think about the Girls Rock movement as a series of concentric circles rooted in home, extending through the broader communities with which we interact, and moving out across the globe?

How is our work shaped by the regions where we are located? What are the actual physical geographies that shape Girls Rock? How is our work informed by the needs and opportunities in our local, home communities? And how is that work enriched and/or challenged by our connections nationally and internationally? And then, thinking about geographies in a different way, what additional boundaries beyond the physical might shape our work? For example, how do race, class, gender expression, age, language, and ability shape our Girls Rock communities? How do these factors contribute to inclusions and exclusions within our camps and in our movement? Who or what might exist on the margins of what we do and how can we more fully centralize them in our social change efforts?

Where are the points of encounter between home, community and beyond and how might we foster more opportunities for such engagements? How do we work across and through boundaries, and engage other folks and agencies in our communities? How and where does our work intersect with other movements?

…and Beyond!
What possibilities might emerge in thinking about Girls Rock in terms of scale? How might thinking and acting more regionally and globally broaden and transform the opportunities available to the youth that we serve and to the Girls Rock movement as a whole?

We hope to create a fluid and flexible schedule in 2015 that allows for both inspiring sessions and real relationship building.

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