Girls Rock Camp Alliance

Join the GRCA board!


Have you ever wanted to become more involved in the GRCA movement? The Nominations Committee is excited to let you know that Board Nominations are now open for 2017.

The GRCA seeks new Board members to help shepherd the organization to the next chapter in its growth. Candidates should have experience with girls rock camp programs, passion for the GRCA’s mission, and an interest in shaping its future. Nominees do not need to be affiliated with a member camp.
The GRCA strives to elevate and amplify the voices of those directly affected by oppressive structures, and encourages nominees who identify as members of communities that have been historically underrepresented in decision-making bodies, or whose power has been removed through colonization, to apply for the Board of Directors – this includes (but is not limited to) trans people, people who experience racial discrimination, indigenous people, differently abled/disabled people, poor/working class people.

The GRCA Board meets monthly online (most often via Google Video Chat), in addition to meeting twice annually in-person (one mid-term board retreat and meetings before and after the annual conference). If needed, financial assistance is available to cover travel for Board members to attend the in-person meetings.

Board meetings are currently conducted in English.
Members serve two-year terms, with no more than 3 consecutive terms.
Interested? Check out the 2017 GRCA Board Prospectus to find out more details.

Looked at the Prospectus and feel ready to rock, or want to nominate someone? Here’s the 2017 GRCA Board Nominations Form.

Nominations are due February 19th, after which the Nominations Committee will form a slate that will be presented at the Annual Member Meeting during the 2017 GRCA Conference. In forming the slate, the Nominations Committee considers the following factors in camp representation: camp location (rural/urban, as well as regional/continental diversity), camp age (start-up camps as well as more established camps), language (camps that use English as primary language and camps with other languages as first language), and more.

Questions? The GRCA Nominations Committee is here to help (find out more about us below!). Email us at:

Savhanna Wilson, she/her/hers, Girls Rock Saskatoon. Savhanna works as a social justice advocate in Saskatoon, hosts a weekly radio talk show on Feminist issues, and spent a few years in Cambodia, Thailand, and India studying ghosts, spirit possession, and ritual magic.

Sarah Bandy, she/her/hers, Southern Girls Rock Camp (Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN). Sarah loves Rock Camp with all of her heart and has volunteered with tons of camps. eventually helping found Girls Rock Charleston and relocating to Nashville to work with Southern Girls Rock Camp. She loves alternative lighting, snacktivities, and intersectional feminism.

Kristine (she/her/her’s) has been working with Popkollo Botkyrka in Sweden for about three years. Among other things, she studies classical voice (a.k.a. lots of vibrato and dumb old power structures) and tries to make the most of the classical musical world.

Elle (she/her/hers) started at Girls Rock as a band manager 2 years ago, and from there graduated into leadership in order to help design and implement their Jr. Counselor program. She also works as a social media strategist for a variety of non-profits, and gets her fix of Denver’s live music scene any spare moment she finds.

Emmet (he/him/his/they/them/theirs), Willie Mae Rock Camp (Brooklyn, NY). Emmet has been involved with Rock Camps and GRCA for over 10 years, in a variety of roles (staff, volunteer, board member, etc). Emmet works as a freelance chef and caterer in New York City. Current life goals include a walk-in pantry, a chest freezer, and complete & total overthrow of the US government.

Nora Allen-Wiles, she/her/hers, Girls Rock Campaign Boston. Nora got involved with the girls rock movement in 2007 when she served as a college intern for the Rock n Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, OR and went on to co-found Girls Rock Campaign Boston in 2010. Nora loves all things girls rock and empowering youth, playing music in her band, hanging out with her family and friends, and eating delicious meals.