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Impressions GRCA Europe Conference Day 1

Wednesday, August 2nd

Today, those of us on the organizers track started the day with a workshop on fundraising for rock camps, led by Hanna and Åsa from Popkollo. First, we brainstormed on a variety of funding sources, including government and private/corporate sponsorship, crowd funding, and more. The workshop leaders showed us how they rated each potential funding source, taking things like the amount of time it would take to get the funding, the level to which the funding source fits in with the values and mission of rock camp and the sustainability of the funding source as a long-term resource. We debated the moral implications of accepting funding from large corporations, and we talked about levels of sponsorship (donors receiving various “thank yous” depending on their level of support. Not all donors have to be mentioned on our websites, for example. This can be worth a certain amount of money, as a way to get people and companies to donate more. I found this to be rather interesting, as it is not something I hd previously given a lot of thought to.

After this workshop, the rock camp team from Iceland presented a workshop on how to use media to promote rock camps. They also talked about crowd funding, underscoring the fact that not all crowd funding sources are the same. Different sites take different cuts of the profit you make, and Kickstarter requires you to reach the financial goal you set for yourself, or else you don’t get any of the money. Social media was also discussed. I learned the you can set your posts on Facebook to be “time-released,” so that the posts will become posted on the day and time of your choosing. This is perfect for people who don’t want to spend so much time on Facebook-you can make it appear as though you re constantly posting, while you are actually on vacation on the beach, for example. What a great idea. Apparently, it is better to post a bit frequently, rather than a lot at one time, as it keeps people interested. I also learned about the hashtag. These are things that you, dear reader, probably already knew, but for someone like me who tries to avoid Facebook, sounded pretty revolutionary. I am happy to learn how to use the social media machine in such a way that allows me to maximize its potential as a tool for promoting rock camp, while spending as little time on it as possible.

After enjoying lunch in the sunshine, we all met up and shared out what we had taken away from our discussions last night and the workshops we attended. Then we split into two groups again, as two workshops were offered. I attended the workshop on gender norms and the media, led by Maebh from the Berlin camp and Ulli from the Vienna camp. The workshop started out with a discussion of different privileges and de-privileges people experience. We wrote the ones we experience on note cards. Then Maebh talked about the different stages of empowerment and allyship. After this, we watched a music video entitled Q.U.E.E.N. and talked about different ways we could frame a critical discussion about this video at rock camps. Lastly, we looked at the cards we had written and discussed what we noticed about what privileges and de-privileges were mentioned.

by Maria (Girls Rock Camp Munich)



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