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Conference Accessibility One Sheet!

The Shifting Power Committee is proud to present this year’s Conference Accessibility one sheet! Read more here!


The GRCA conference committee recognizes ways that conference has been structurally and physically inaccessible in past years. This conference uses a mix of spaces with varying accessibility. This year, as we work to make to the conference more accessible to everyone, we will try to be transparent about the space and limitations. Our work towards accessibility is a work in progress and we commit to it actively! We are happy to work with you to make sure the workshops, meetings, meals, lodging, and caucuses are in rooms you can access comfortably! Please e-mail with any access needs or concerns you may have.

Physical Access (meeting spaces)
The GRCA bus from Girls Rock Philly headquarters to and from Appel Farm in school busses. This often involves waiting in line for a long time and climbing 2 – 4 stairs. The ride is about 90 minutes. Carpools can be arranged for people who can’t comfortably take the bus.
Accessible parking is available at the conference site.
Most meeting spaces at Appel Farm have paved walkways leading up to the entrance, however some involve crossing a mowed lawn.
The dining hall (main meeting space), and some of the workshop spaces are wheelchair accessible. Other meeting spaces generally have no more than one step to get into the room.
The dining hall is a large room with lots of round tables and chairs. There are often lines at mealtimes. People who are unable to wait in lines will be able to skip the line. All conference attendees will be notified of this policy.
All meeting space bathrooms (with the exception of the Photo Bathrooms and the Cubicle Suite bathrooms) are wheelchair accessible. They are all multi-stall and will be marked all-gender during the conference.
Workshop spaces are often crowded and occasionally there aren’t enough chairs. We ask that participants give priority to people who need to sit in a chair, and that those who can, sit on the floor.
Group activities occasionally involve physical elements (stretches, walks, etc.), which are always optional for all participants.

Housing (on-site)
The Robyn and Bessie Smith dorms are fully wheelchair accessible. Bessie Smith has a gravel drive with a concrete walkway to the building. There is a tar-top drive that leads to concrete walkways for the Robyn dorms.
Dolly Parton facilities are limited. Patrons are welcome to drive directly to the Dolly Parton to unload. Access to the building may be obtained through a rear entrance sidewalk, but patrons often walk across grass to access the building.
Dorms are a combination of bunk beds and single beds, with roughly 20 beds per room. Each room has a shared bathroom, with stalls and stall showers. There are no private changing areas beyond the bathroom stall. Each bunk area has one room which has a wheelchair-accessible bathroom.
General Housing Dorms are filled first-come first-served. This year, GRCA hopes to offer the option of bunks designated for particular groups, including People of Color, Trans & Gender Non-Conforming People, and a Quiet Bunk. Please indicate on your registration form if you are interested in any of these options.

Content & Language
The general conference content is presented in English. Most workshops will be presented in English. Workshop leaders will be encouraged to have a “Language Checker” in each workshop to make sure language being used is understood by all.
Evening social activities do allow for the option of bringing your own alcohol. An alternate sober space will be provided during evening activities. If you’re interested in helping make the sober space a rollicking good time, please email

GRCA is looking into the possibility of providing on-site childcare. Please indicate on the registration form that you are interested in bringing a child to the conference, and someone will be in touch to explore options.

This year, Girls Rock Camp Alliance requests that we work to create a low/no scent space at the conference, in order to help those with chemical/scent sensitivity fully participate. Please be mindful of scented items you are bringing into conference and use unscented hair and skin products, deodorant, markers, and do not use perfumes or essential oils. Even natural scents can cause allergies and health issues for members with sensitivities. Each bathroom/shower will be stocked with scent-free soaps and shampoos. For more information on what scent-free means, please check out THIS article by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha.

Thank you for helping to make this conference more accessible and comfortable for yourself, and all members. This event needs all of us to be present, move up, speak up, and support each other. If you notice something that needs to change, please talk to each other, take initiative, make the changes, and ask for help! This is an alliance. <3

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