Girls Rock Camp Alliance

What Is Girls Rock Camp?

Girls rock camp is a music camp where girls learn an instrument, form a band, write an original song, and perform a concert at a live music venue.

Girls rock camp exists in different parts of the world and can look a little bit different depending on where you are.

Girls Rock Camp Alliance member organizations each share a desire to achieve a reality where gender and culture do not decide whether a person can play music. Until we reach that goal, girls rock camp is a way to provide a space for girls where they can identify as musicians. At girls rock camp we use methods to encourage the campers’ creativity, provide a variety of different musicians and mentors as role models, and a curriculum that is a broad introduction to the world of music.

Most girls rock camps begin as a summer camp.  Some girls rock camps include year round after school and/or holiday programming, programming for interns, Ladies Rock Camp, hip hop/dj camps, overnight camps, and classes in DIY recording.  All GRCA member camps are encouraged to develop and structure programming that is relevant to its community and culture.

GRCA camps value diversity and strive to be as inclusive as possible. GRCA camps usually have a very low tuition, sliding scale and/or provide financial aid, and value female mentorship and leadership. Through our annual conference we exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices on how to fulfill our missions, serve a diverse community, and fight different kinds of oppression.