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2014 GRCA Conference on its way!

We’re so excited to announce that more than 170 participants from all over the world will attend the 8th annual Girls Rock Camp Alliance conference that is happening from March 20–23, 2014, at the Appel Farm and Music Center, Elmer, New Jersey. Intergenerational and International Movement Building is this years theme of the conference: What does it mean to be a movement? How is our programming addressing social change and practicing social change? How are we successfully building intergenerationally? What are ways that people have built with each other regionally, nationally and internationally? What is our impact and how are we evaluating the work we are doing? What does a successful intergenerational and international movement look like? sound like? feel like? Different types of sessions (workshops, presentations, regional assemblies, help desks, etc.) will give the opportunity to discuss those questions and topics during the conference. Stay tuned for the final conference program and schedule and see you in New Jersey!

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  1. Patty Wak says:

    I love love to see a summary for the GRCA 2014 workshops and links to find info offered at each workshop. Is there such a link?

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